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Gas springs

In this industry Bansbach offers the following products: Lockable Gas Springs, Exhaust Systems, Gas Traction Springs, Stainless Steel Gas Springs, Shock Absorbers, Couplings.

Shock absorbers

In this industry, the company offers the following products: HB shock absorbers, V1 shock absorbers, Standard MC shock absorbers, MC floating piston shock absorbers, MC shock absorbers without free movement.


An alternative to linear adjustment of Bansbach gas springs is a linear hydraulic control system that synchronously controls multiple adjustment cylinders. This is achieved by simultaneously controlling each cylinder. Numerous components of Bansbach gas springs are used in the production of easymotion, guaranteeing the high quality for which the company is known.


With the new micro-hydraulic cylinders, high forces can be realized in compact designs. With a standard piston diameter of 13 - 24 mm and a maximum pressure of 200 bar, forces up to 9000 N can be achieved. The stroke length of the piston is individually adjustable according to customer requirements.

Hydraulic pumps

With the new Bansbach hydraulic pump, the height of a huge variety of applications can be adjusted by simple pumping. The pump can be fully controlled without external power supply. The movement depends on simple pumping. According to the weight of the application, the discharge is always controlled and can be influenced by the opening of the valve with a movement on the lever.


Bansbach easyERF® air valves are extremely fast and efficient with a wide range of applications. Their innovative potential lies in the electronically adjustable damping rate and response time in milliseconds. The benefits of a shock absorber include no wear, no maintenance, and high reliability.

Raising the monitor

Bansbach's new monitor settings feature a special gas spring technique that allows the monitor to quickly fade into your furniture without an external power source. Thanks to the self-adjustment of the gas springs, the monitor is lifted again with a slight jolt and is therefore only visible when necessary. In the extended position, the monitor can be rotated 360 °, therefore it can be adjusted according to different requirements. In addition, the continuous tilt angle offers numerous adjustment possibilities and, therefore, an optimal view of the monitor.